周四, 4月 23, 2009

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* Learn how to define your blog’s purpose.
* Learn how to build your blog’s plan.
* Explore the pros and cons of blog design.
* Learn more about writing interesting and attention-getting content.
* Develop your blog writing voice and style.
* Tips on writing with keywords and search terms.
* Learn how to encourage your readers to respond.
* Deal with comment spam and other nasty comments.
* Explore the new PageRank, TrustRank, and SEO techniques.
* Learn how to improve SEO with podcasts, video, and other multimedia.
* Tips to prevent blog burnout.
* Tips on developing a blog plan of action in response to disasters, emergencies or accusations.
* Tips on administrating and maintaining your blog.
* Tips on online social networking and interaction.
* Learn how to respond to copyright violations.
* Learn about your rights as a blogger.

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